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Online Fitness-Fueled Yoga Classes With A Musical Heart


Set to calm yet energetic music (in true bulldog style), Activate allows you to work your entire body in a dynamic "slow flow" yoga class.


This is your whole body workout for the day. Invigorate is a quick moving “power flow” yoga class...it’s ambitious, stimulating and pretty darn aerobic.


Exhilarate is our Invigorate Class “dialed up” for an extra cardio and strengthening challenge.

Bulldog Basics

Whether you’re new to yoga or looking for a refresher, bulldog basics is the perfect way to start getting your bulldog on.

Bulldog is my happy place! You get an amazing workout, the music never disappoints, and they encourage you to push yourself to new limits. - Marissa, one happy bulldoger

Yoga Set To Music

In addition to being plain-old-awesome, music is brain food - who doesn’t want to feed their brain?!? Here are just a few ways music will make your life better...

  • enhancing intelligence and IQ
  • boosting memory performance
  • heightening concentration and productivity
  • fighting pain
  • improving athletic performance
  • fighting fatigue
  • improving sleep
  • decreasing blood pressure
  • reducing stress
  • enabling better body movement and coordination

About Bulldog Yoga

Bulldog yoga classes were created with a sole focus on your objectives…and to eliminate the intimidating feeling many of us get when we go to a gym, yoga studio, etc.

Do you want to become #bulldogstrong?

Want to be challenged?  We can make that happen.  Is your goal to “get a good stretch” and take it slow?  That works, too.

We are about making yoga classes more approachable and accessible….and fun!

The mood at Bulldog is happy, not serious.  After all, shouldn’t the time you spend taking care of yourself with us be uplifting?

Bulldog yoga studios offers a community which is energetically spirited, friendly and supportive.

Being Bulldog

Being bulldog is about enjoying the ride and noticing the little things that make our world special.

We bulldogs take risks, work to keep our body and brain healthy, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re the first on the dance floor (even if there isn’t one) and embrace new adventures.

We seize the day...and we sweat!

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